First, if you don't know what a QR code is... in a nutshell, QR codes are a digital barcode that is used by a Scanner app to automatically connect with a website, MMS, email and other similar uses. If you have a smart phone like an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone there are apps like Red Laser, a popular QR Code scanner that you can download for free.

Before I even get into the practical applications of using QR codes with your website, I'd like to take a moment to debunk a few common misconceptions about them. It'll help solidify the fact that this is a relevant topic and not a passing fad.

  1. "My customers aren't going to scan a QR code." QR Code use is up by 1200% since last year. More and more people are using bar code scan apps to look for everything from food reviews to real estate and everything in between.
  2. "QR Codes are a fad!" So was Google, Facebook, and Four Square. Nobody knew what a Groupon was last year either for that matter. QR Codes have been around since 1994. They've been HUGE in Japan for the last 5 years and are all over advertising in nearly every major city.
  3. "QR Codes are expensive to implement." WRONG! They're practically free to implement. Read on and we'll explain how.


Do You Have a Smart Phone? Try Scanning The QR Code Below!

Real Estate QR Codes


So this idea was first brought up by Scott Moneybrake, Director of Sales at iHOUSEweb, makers of the ELITE Real Estate Website.

Try scanning the QR code in the graphic above. You'll be taken to a specific listing on an ELITE agent site. This demonstration illustrates how REALTORS(R) across the country are using QR Codes - on Listing Flyers, For Sale Signs, Business Cards, Bus Ads, and even BillBoards. In fact, Scott informed me of a free website that lets you generate these QR codes on the fly for FREE at

Try creating a saved search results page in your ELITE website or linking to a specific listing and using the free QR code you've generated in your next print ad. Add them to your flyers and business cards too! You'll get loads of questions from less savvy REALTORS(R) who will want to know what that funny little barcode is. Be prepared for comments from buyers and sellers too, they’ll be impressed at how forward thinking you are in comparison to other agents.

How To Use QR Codes With Real Estate Websites